You'll notice that the video is much better, this is all thanks to @crimsonclad,core devs meeting are now livestreamed. Be sure to tune in next time if you want to ask your questions live :) Points touched: ## Dev sync I advise you to just listen to that part. ## Why use account_id_type over account_name_type We need to do more research on those types and decided that it wasn't critical to do those kinds of updates to the core chain now as memory usage has been reduced significantly already ## Layer 1 smt + layer 2 smt ? Why not assuming we have the resources to commit to finishing layer 1 smts, but for now no plan for layer 1, this is still quite blurry as we haven't finished evaluating which route to go to ## Allow post/comment deletion with votes/active shares We need to figure out why the steemit team added such limitation in the first place, but UX wise it's weird to be able to delete a post at 0$ and not be able at 0.01$ so why not. ## Push the dev meeting by one hour Yes. We will move the time a bit in the future to find the best time for everyone. Next meeting will be at 17 UTC (instead of 16 UTC) ## Communities updates and fixes (from @asgarth) It's a very long topic and it's better for you to listen in, but conclusion was that all of those point were "why not, will do" ## Long term roadmap (at least one year) with dates We don't want to commit to actual objectives because it's very hard to do, but for a rough idea of what's gonna be done @blocktrades just pointed to his post: ## Better CoreDev Meetings reporting: - Summary of the points discussed + decision (ok, nok, postponed, requires gov/community feedback/vote, ...) - Summary of the points of the previous meeting still pending Not much discussion there, it's great feedback from @arcange, this is what I'm doing right now ;) ## Involving community devs Lots of discussions there so I advise that you listen to it, but the idea about running a bug bounty program was discussed. ## Documentation update Definitely a must needed change, @gandalf and @howo both are thinking of hiring someone (we'll see how that goes) ## Improve network security ( Better to listen in :) ## Anonymous downvotes and upvotes ( It's quite hard to do anonymous things on a blockchain as it's public by nature, It's probably possible but needs quite a lot of research, we are not pursuing this for now. ## Issues with Hive nodes ( We assumed it was mostly due to @anyx's node being out of date as he was the second failover node after @blocktrades, this led to some more discussion on node testing and auto failover

See: Core developers meeting #15 by @howo