![image.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/howo/HC23nP8u-image.png) Hi, First of all thank you to everyone who voted on my proposal, it's very humbling to see so much support from stakeholders. I initially wanted to make a post every two to three weeks as I mentioned on my initial proposal, the reason for such length between each update is that sometimes we work on big features (like rc delegations) and sometimes weekly updates would be almost one liners of very technical talk "yep did x/y/z still working on it, stuck on this one bug because code works strangely on z". And I figured it was not worth it. But when talking with @neoxian he told me > You know what? Even a simple post each week saying "Yep, I'm still working on X" would be a confidence booster. So I figured I will try to do weekly updates on what I am doing. Be warned though, these posts will be very technical and also most likely quite short. So I am still working on RC delegations, I have taken a bunch of the feedback from my last post on it https://peakd.com/rc/@howo/rc-delegations-current-development-status-and-request-for-feedback I removed some limitations on slots to allow the user to set the delegator on slots 1,2 and 3. This should help with some use cases where before if steem created your account, only the @steem account could delegate to you and change that slot. I have changed it to keep the same property (aka letting outside people change it) but also added the possibility for the user to set it himself. Previously there was also a thing that allowed the top (ranked 1) witness from changing the recover slot, which was useful because mined accounts do not have a recovery account, so that slot would effectively be dead (since only the recovery account could update that slot). for those accounts. Now that the user can set the slot himself, I removed that feature since I don't think it really serves a purpose anymore. There was a bug where the code allowed the same pool to delegate to the same user on multiple slots, which served zero purpose but caused the rc calculations to fail. So I changed the logic to only allow one delegation. The good news is that now that this is in place I could make some modifications to the delegation operation to hide some of the slot complexity to devs. Before when delegating from a pool to a user you had to say to which slot you wanted to delegate, now it's no longer needed. So that's a bit more straightforward. I also made a javascript test suite, but it's still a work in progress. I will share it in time so it can double as a documentation for devs on how to work with the new rc system. I don't want to share it too early because I am still making some changes to the api and the parameters. I took this opportunity to test a bunch of edge cases, I am not done yet but this is starting to look solid. I think in the coming days I will work on making a proper test suite in the actual chain code so I can test things more quickly and also this means we can run it whenever we make a release making the whole chain more stable. speaking of testing, the hf24 code freeze is almost upon us, and some of my api changes still need to have automated tests before then, so I will make that as well in the short term. # Questions ? Suggestions ? Ask them below ! Please consider voting on my core development proposal here https://hivedao.com/proposals/97 I am also managing the @steempress witness if you have a free vote that would be very appreciated :)

See: Core development report #1 by @howo