Hi, Every two weeks, I organize a the core dev meeting so the team can sync and discuss ongoing issues. I think it's very important to get together now and then when everyone is working in a decentralized manner. I guess I should have made posts the first two times but I wasn't sure if I should publish them here or ask for it to be published to @hiveio. Anyways, I think it's better if we keep @hiveio for announcements instead of this kind of things. So if you missed them: ## dev meeting #1: meeting points: - Update on what everyone has been doing (On core subjects, work on apps is not the focus) - Discussion on the workflow using blocktrade's post a baseline read it here if you have not https://hive.blog/hive/@blocktrades/hive-workflow-proposal - Roles: devs, who can review what, who can deploy what etc... - Should we have regular scheduled deployments? Automated/manual? - How do we prioritize issues to be dealt with first? - Git branching strategy? Maybe a "staging" branch that gets automatically deployed to a staging website upon new merge. Core blockchain: - Scope of hard fork 24 - RC delegation - RPCS, account history nodes, get_transaction op improvements - Discuss on SMTs, it's current state and where we are going - How can we optimize Jussi for better efficiency brainstorm on what's left to do on libraries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4cfY6wxGdg ## dev meeting #2: meeting points: - dev sync (as always) - Hf24 - git branch naming conventions Discuss ongoing issues and issues that have been added recently (and close the ones that should be closed): - Removing the active_votes field from API calls to - optimize front ends - Auto claim rewards .... (more to come, we just red the current list of issues) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsXXBc11ZuE # Dev meeting #3: here are some of the topics we discussed: - Tentative code freeze for hf25 on 25/05/20 - Massive optimizations coming to steemd and hivemind - Chain id change testnet is live and all lib owner check if their libs are compatible. - Lengthy discussion on proposals - Discussion on apis and deprecating condenser_api - Transferrable claimed accounts is not a good idea. and more, this is just the gist of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1CSwMUNxPM Next one is the 18th of may, we livestream it to youtube and I read the comments made there so make sure to tune in :)

See: Hive core dev meeting #3 recording (and #1 and #2 I'm late sorry) by @howo