![#aroundthehive ... a very shiny asset provided by community member @midlet](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/hiveio/cLJ4bsla-2923mN3pnd7PfoCxi33KmQBGRMVc3LuPSdqaxkc4VTC4w3DcqvmA77rgFhB5tnBUPfW9kNA31G2EYdQokBKxkGART6GCwiKa9tzGMFAPoRtPh8.png) ## The buzz this week has been busy, busy, busy. This update will cover two important topics: airdrop corrections and appeals, and Hive core developer meetings.   [In the last update](https://peakd.com/hiveblockchain/@hiveio/buzz-from-around-the-hive-first-week-recap-tips-and-info), we discussed the initial airdrop exclusion list, community feedback and proposals, and that an error had been found in the distribution code. Over the course of this week, the script has been reviewed in depth by a number of developers and corrected, so before anything else: an updated list has been compiled of the user accounts who will be correctly dropped tokens via the next upcoming Hive hardfork. We're including all of the public links to the code in this post should you wish to take a closer look. **The list of incorrectly excluded accounts are as follows:** These accounts will be corrected automatically and the community does not need to make any vote. ``` [ "akiroq", "balticbadger", "dailychina", "dailystats", "dftba", "double-u", "edgarare1", "electrodo", "fadetoblack", "freedompoint", "friendlystranger", "john371911", "juancar347", "kdtkaren", "lichtblick", "lifeskills-tv", "lotusfleur", "ricko66", "rynow", "scottcbusiness", "seo-boss", "sgbonus", "spoke", "steemchiller", "steemflower", "stimp1024", "travelnepal", "truce", "tuckerjtruman", "yanirauseche" ] ``` The original script error was an edge case that arose from proxies that were switched or cleared, where accounts revoted in a way that wasn't accounted for. The corrected script and new results [are available here](https://gist.github.com/drov0/545f1bad3e5a6c6a047ba2ce82ebe164/revisions). ### What did these scripts do? What was the criteria? What groups are left for the community to vote on?   Reading and understanding the code from these scripts can be tricky if it isn't your forte. The script that was used to pull the excluded airdrop accounts is based on a set of criteria that produces transparent and reproducible data from the Steem blockchain. These accounts were not included in the first block of the Hive hardfork when the airdrop was distributed. The criteria used was: - voting for 2 or more of the sockpuppet Steem witness accounts, or proxied to someone voting 2 or more sockpuppet accounts - who did not unvote or unproxy before the Hive [hardfork announcement](https://steemd.com/communityfork/@hiveio/announcing-the-launch-of-hive-blockchain) - who had over 1000 SP   The remaining accounts who were accurately excluded are still able to use Hive as they see fit: ***they are not blocked or locked from using the chain or any interfaces***, and many are already doing so. However, the community has been very passionate across a range of opinions on whether these accounts should be included in the appeal airdrop distribution. There are two main groups of accounts that were correctly excluded from the initial airdrop: - those accounts who were proxied to a voter who was voting for sockpuppets and matched the above criteria - those accounts who voted the sock puppets for themselves who matched the above criteria   These two groups will have appeal proposals made by the @HiveIO account in the coming weeks leading up to the next hardfork. The community will have an opportunity to vote to support a secondary drop for one, both, or neither of these groups as they see fit. We encourage discussion among the Hive community on these groups, and ask that you consider carefully and communicate openly and respectfully to each other, even if you may not share the same opinions! ## One of the most difficult things about moving towards decentralization is deciding who will do what! Today we began looking at ways to help stay organized and get more done.   To that end, this morning marked the first core developers' meeting for Hive. The live streaming account wasn't approved in time for the inaugural meeting, but it was recorded ([you can listen in here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4cfY6wxGdg)- like and subscribe to the channel for future notifications). The meetings will be live streamed via [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwM89V7NzVIHizgWT3GxhwA) and other platforms moving forwards. **These meetings will be open to anyone working on core development to participate in, and will be live streamed and recorded for anyone who would like to listen.** In many cases, the core development meetings are likely to get more technical and probably won't be interesting to everyone in the ecosystem (sorry, devs!) To make sure people of all technical abilities can stay up to date, the @HiveIO account will be creating *"What's Buzzing Around The Repo"* posts the following day with links to help summarize what's covered in the meetings to make it easier to understand. You can expect the first of these posts tomorrow! #### To finish up today's post, here are a few handy links to remind you where a lot of the public open source work is happening. If you would like to get involved, take a look around and see what might be a good fit! - The public, open source GitLab: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive - The developer's portal: https://developers.hive.io/ - The main website: https://hive.io/ (links to many useful things here, under continual development) - One of the project sites where you can browse and list projects in the Hive ecosystem: https://hiveprojects.io/ - Block explorers: https://hiveblocks.com/ and https://hive-db.com/ ### Thanks for another solid week! 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