Not too many words, but a lot of useful stuff. Intended for the Hive API node operators, witnesses, and developers. Except for the video, the video is for everyone:
Cool, huh? # Services ## API node It currently runs `hived` at `v1.24.6` and `hivemind` at the latest `develop`. A lot of fixes and optimizations have been recently introduced, so I try to keep up to date. During the maintenance mode, it will fall back to ## Seed node `hived` `v1.24.6` listens on `` # Stuff for download TL;DR ## Binaries `./get/bin`contains `hived` and `cli_wallet` binaries built on `Ubuntu 18.04 LTS` Right now it’s: `v1.24.6` ## Blocks `./get/blockchain` As usual, the `block_log` file, roughly 300GB and counting. ## Snapshots `./get/snapshot/api/` contains a relatively recent snapshot of the API node with all the fancy plugins. There’s also the `example-api-config.ini` file out there. The snapshot is compressed with `lbzip2`: 280GB > lbzip2 is a free, multi-threaded compression utility with support for bzip2 compressed file format. To decompress, you can use simply run it through something like: `lbzip2 -dc | tar xv` The uncompressed snapshot: 413GB To use snapshots: - Get `block_log`, it can be bigger but not smaller than the one used when the snapshot was made. - Get a reference config file, adjust it to your needs, make sure you don’t affect it in a way that changes the state. - Get a binary compatible with the snapshot (a newer one is OK only when no replay is required). - Run `hived` with `--load-snapshot name`, assuming the snapshot is stored in `snapshot/name` `hived` API node runtime: 722GB (incl. shm 18GB, excl. snapshot) ## Hivemind database dump `./get/hivemind/` contains a relatively recent dump of the Hivemind database: 50GB I use self-describing file names such as: `hivemind-20201105-294e2411-Fc.dump` Take your best guess. The custom format is compressed by default and you can use `pg_restore` with `-j 6` (recommended) to restore the database in parallel. After restoring, make sure you run the `db_upgrade` script. When restored, database can take 600-700GB All resources are offered AS IS. Obviously. # From zero to hero By using the above resources you can get your fully featured API node running in one working day. # More to come Stay tuned.

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