--- Greetings Hivers, with some bumps on the road, we've finally reached Eclipse HF24 and beyond! Besides another airdrop required and the un-expected "soft-fork", I'd say that this went over pretty smooth and I, for one, want to thank blocktrades, howo, mariusz, bartek, eric, andrzej, marcin, gtg, all witnesses and everyone else that was involved.

Hive Witness Essentials

I've pushed a new version for `Hive Witness Essentials` which is HF24 compatible. This also includes the `dhive` [failover fix (v0.14.4)](

Update instructions are simple:

``` cd hive-witness-essentials git stash git pull yarn ``` I've also updated RPC nodes (copied from drakos pricefeed script) within the `example.config.json`, so if you want to use them: ``` # Choose a folder; in this case: cli cd cli nano configs/config.example.json # copy it nano configs/config.json # paste it ``` For `remote` I've improved the security by deleting the password message, so it's not kept in your chat log. I'd recommend changing the password after updating.

Getting Started From Scratch

If you want to setup Hive Witness Essentials from scratch, then please checkout: Instructions for each module (cli, pricefeed, remote, watcher) are available in the respective folders: - cli: - pricefeed: - remote: - watcher: --- Hive on! ~Wolf

See: HF24 Eclipse & Hive Witness Essentials by @therealwolf