> "and everything under the Sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon" Eclipse - Pink Floyd ### Changes in HF24/Eclipse RPC nodes: Almost everything is rebranded in this version. You have to update anything that includes the word "steem" or "sbd" in your apps. ***
** **ATTENTION** ** All the listed changes will only take effect on the eclipse RPC nodes. It means you must not apply the updates in the production until there is a final release candidate. Also, the old public nodes will continue running to give you enough time for updating your applications. In the meantime, @gtg maintains an early version which you can test your apps with `https://beta.openhive.network/` (It is the mainnet)
*** Affected operations: - `comment_options` (!) Old: `percent_steem_dollars` New: `percent_hbd` - `escrow_transfer` Old: `steem_amount`, `sbd_amount` New: `hive_amount`, `hbd_amount` - `escrow_release` Old: `steem_amount`, `sbd_amount` New: `hive_amount`, `hbd_amount` - `claim_reward_balance` Old: `reward_steem`, `reward_sbd` New: `reward_hive`, `reward_hbd` - `author_reward` (virtual operation) Old: `steem_payout`, `sbd_payout` New: `hive_payout`, `hbd_payout` - `witness_update` Old: `sbd_interest_rate` New: `hbd_interest_rate` - `witness_set_properties` Old: `sbd_interest_rate`, `sbd_exchange_rate` New: `hbd_interest_rate`, `hbd_exchange_rate` *** Affected API calls: Replace all the `steem` with `hive` and all the `sbd` with `hbd` in the received JSON object. There is one exception in `percent_steem_dollars` which is now `percent_hbd`! - `condenser_api.get_accounts` (and other similar calls returning an account object like `condenser_api.lookup_account_names`) - `condenser_api.get_blog` - `condenser_api.get_chain_properties` - `condenser_api.get_content` - `condenser_api.get_content_replies` - `condenser_api.get_discussions_by_*` - `condenser_api.get_dynamic_global_properties` - `condenser_api.get_market_history` - `condenser_api.get_ticker` - `condenser_api.get_version` - `condenser_api.get_volume` - `condenser_api.get_witness_by_account` - `condenser_api.get_witness_schedule` - `bridge.get_ranked_posts` - All `database_api` equivelants of the methods above - `database_api.list_escrows` - `database_api.find_sbd_conversion_requests` (method renamed) - `database_api.list_sbd_conversion_requests` (method renamed) - `database_api.find_witnesses` - `market_history_api.get_market_history` - `market_history_api.get_order_book` - `market_history_api.get_ticker` - `market_history_api.get_volume` - `tags_api.get_discussion` - `tags_api.get_discussions_by_*` *** ## Updated libraries: #### Hive-js (see [v0.8.2](https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive-js/-/releases/v0.8.2)) In order to connect to the eclipse RPC nodes, you have to set `rebranded_api` in the `config.json` to `true`. Or ``` hive.config.set('rebranded_api', true) hive.broadcast.updateOperations() ``` There is also a helper function to get the node version and update the config: ``` hive.utils.autoDetectApiVersion().then(() => { hive.broadcast.updateOperations() }) ``` Note: Calling `hive.broadcast.updateOperations()` is necessary after updating the `rebranded_api`. *** #### Dhive (see [MR16](https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/dhive/-/merge_requests/16) - v0.14.1) In order to connect to the eclipse RPC nodes, the easy way is: ``` const client = new dhive.Client("https://rpc", { rebrandedApi: true }) ``` Or ``` client.updateOperations(true) // true: hf24 ``` And with the helper function: ``` const client = new dhive.Client("https://rpc") client.database.getVersion().then((res) => { if (res.blockchain_version !== '0.23.0') { client.updateOperations(true) } }) ``` *** #### Hive-tx (see [v3.1.8](https://github.com/mahdiyari/hive-tx-js/releases/tag/v3.1.8)) ``` hiveTx.config.rebranded_api = true hiveTx.updateOperations() ``` OR ``` hiveTx.call('condenser_api.get_version').then(res => { if (res.result.blockchain_version !== '0.23.0') { hiveTx.config.rebranded_api = true hiveTx.updateOperations() } }) ``` *** Beem is also updated: https://github.com/holgern/beem/releases/tag/0.24.5 For the other libraries visit their repository for more information. *** Note: the chain id is also changed in the HF24. But you don't have to worry about it since the libraries will take care of that. *** If you have any question, join HiveDevs discord server `https://discord [dot] gg/3WV87YE` Hive official discord: `https://discord [dot] gg/kcCw73Z` Noob's guide: replace the [dot] with . *** Hope for a better everything. Image source: pixabay.com

See: How to prepare your applications for HF24 by @mahdiyari