![image.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/stoodkev/C3S6phs5-image.png) As some of you may know, I am developing a Hive Keychain App for mobile using React Native (RN). @revo asked me how I managed to use Hive related modules on RN. Although RN uses Javascript, some npm modules won't work directly because they use Node.js core modules such as `assert` and `crypto`. It's a bit tedious to make it work, but I truly hope to see more mobile Application in our ecosystem, so I'm writing this tutorial hoping it will be of some help. **Babel to the rescue!** We will use Babel and `rewrite-require` preset to rewrite some of these modules to use React Native or browserified packages instead. Let's see step by step how this is working out on a new project. ## Step 1 : Create a new project I will assume you already have your environment setup and that we are making a classic React Native project (no expo) : ``` npx react-native init [ProjectName] ``` ## Step 2 : Add Hivejs Run ``` npm i @hiveio/hive-js --save ``` Let's try it out, on App.js, add the following lines after the imports : ``` import hivejs from '@hiveio/hive-js' (async function () { console.log(await hivejs.api.getAccountsAsync(['stoodkev'])); })(); ``` Try to run the App and bim! Error! ``` error: Error: Unable to resolve module `assert` from `node_modules/@hiveio/hive-js/lib/auth/memo.js`: assert could not be found within the project. ``` That's because React Native has no idea what `assert` or `crypto` modules are, since they are Node.js core modules. ## Step 3 : Babel Config Find your babel file, `babel.config.js`. Note that the name might be slightly different such as `.babelrc` or `.babel-cli`. Add the following lines to the existing config : ``` sourceMaps: true, plugins: [ [ 'rewrite-require', { aliases: { crypto: 'react-native-crypto', constants: 'constants-browserify', dns: 'node-libs-browser/mock/dns', domain: 'domain-browser', fs: 'node-libs-browser/mock/empty', http: 'stream-http', https: 'https-browserify', net: 'node-libs-browser/mock/net', os: 'os-browserify/browser', path: 'path-browserify', pbkdf2: 'react-native-pbkdf2-shim', querystring: 'querystring-es3', stream: 'stream-browserify', _stream_duplex: 'readable-stream/duplex', _stream_passthrough: 'readable-stream/passthrough', _stream_readable: 'readable-stream/readable', _stream_transform: 'readable-stream/transform', _stream_writable: 'readable-stream/writable', sys: 'util', timers: 'timers-browserify', tls: 'node-libs-browser/mock/tls', tty: 'tty-browserify', vm: 'vm-browserify', zlib: 'browserify-zlib', }, throwForNonStringLiteral: true, }, ], ], ``` Install the following dependencies : ``` npm i --save babel-plugin-rewrite-require events assert react-native-crypto stream react-native-randombytes vm-browserify process ``` Also add manually this dependency in `package.json` then `npm install` : ``` "react-native-pbkdf2-shim": "git+https://git@github.com/wswoodruff/react-native-pbkdf2-shim.git" ``` ## Step 4 : Add globals If you try to run the code now you should see this error : ``` ExceptionsManager.js:76 Error: Buffer not supported in this environment. Use Node.js or Browserify for browser support. ``` Create a `global.js` file on the root of the project : ``` // Inject node globals into React Native global scope. global.Buffer = require('buffer').Buffer; global.process = require('process'); global.process.env.NODE_ENV = __DEV__ ? 'development' : 'production'; // Needed so that 'stream-http' chooses the right default protocol. global.location = { protocol: 'file:', }; // Don't do this in production. You're going to want to patch in // https://github.com/mvayngrib/react-native-randombytes or similar. global.crypto = { getRandomValues(byteArray) { for (let i = 0; i < byteArray.length; i++) { byteArray[i] = Math.floor(256 * Math.random()); } }, }; ``` And import it from `App.js` : ``` import './global.js' ``` ## Step 5: Voila! HiveJs should now be working and you should see my account info in your debugger. If you are still getting errors, try cleaning the modules : ``` rm -rf node_modules && npm install && npx jetify ``` I uploaded [my code](https://github.com/stoodkev/react-native-hivejs-example/tree/master) to Github for reference, I hope this will help future Hive mobile devs ;) If you have questions or encounter some issues, don't hesitate to ask me questions in the comment section. Hive on! --- @stoodkev Hive Keychain PO If you find my work valuable, please consider voting for my [Witness](https://hivesigner.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=stoodkev&approve=1)

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