This script is one that saves a lot of time for me, and I wrote it just yesterday. I usually don't keep funds in my account, I send them out to different accounts each with its own purpose. Some of them get powered up. Now I can do that by just typing in 4 letters into the terminal and hitting enter. ```js #! /usr/bin/env node //^ We need that to have this on CLI applications let hive = require("@hiveio/hive-js") let account = "rishi556" //Who to do this from let privateActiveKey = "" //Private active key let toKeep = 0.005 //How much to keep in the account let hiveAccounts = {"rishi556.cold" : 0.25, "giftgiver.wallet" : 0.25} //account:% to send as a decimal let powerUpAccounts = {"giftgiver" : 0.25, "rishi556.lambo" : 0.25} //account:% to send as a decimal hive.api.getAccounts([account], (err, result) => { // Array of accounts. We only have one let balance = parseFloat(result[0].balance) - toKeep if (balance < 0){ console.log(`Not enough of a balance.`) return } for (i in hiveAccounts){ send(i, (balance * hiveAccounts[i]).toFixedDown(3) + " HIVE") } for (i in powerUpAccounts){ powerUp(i, (balance * powerUpAccounts[i]).toFixedDown(3) + " HIVE") } }) function send(reciever, amount){ hive.broadcast.transfer(privateActiveKey, account, reciever, amount, "memo", (err, result) => { //WIF, from, destination, amount, memo if (!err){ console.log(`Sent ${amount} to ${reciever}.`) } }) } function powerUp(reciever, amount){ hive.broadcast.transferToVesting(privateActiveKey, account, reciever, amount, (err, result) => { //wif, from, to, amount. This powers up accounts if (!err){ console.log(`Powered Up ${amount} to ${reciever}.`) } }) } //This does the job of toFixed, but rounds down always Number.prototype.toFixedDown = function(digits) { if(this == 0) { return 0; } var n = this - Math.pow(10, -digits)/2; n += n / Math.pow(2, 53); return n.toFixed(digits) } ``` To make this work as a CLI application, we need to add this into the package.json file(index.js is the name of the file the code's in, and send is the command we want to use) : ``` "bin": { "send": "index.js" } ``` There's a lot of ways to improve this, including checking to ensure that the numbers add up to 1 or below and such, but this much works. `hiveAccounts` is accounts to send liquid hive to and `powerUpAccounts` is accounts to power up. I decided not to include HBD in this as I normally just covert HBD to HIVE. As always, if you have any questions, the comments are open and I'll try and help you out.

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