# Hive Application for the Ledger Nano S/X Hardware Wallet ![image credit @thepeakstudio](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/netuoso/7AwM0dDa-image.png) --- #### Hive wallet application framework for Ledger Nano S/X When installed on a Ledger Nano S/X device, this application will deserialize transactions and display them on the hardware wallet for secure validation by the user. If the user accepts the transaction, this application will then sign the transaction with the key specified by the user. There is a pre-compiled binary available in the `bin/` folder and attached to each public Github release. However, you may optionally choose to compile the Hive Ledger Nano S/X application manually with help of the run.sh script provided in the repository. Usage instructions and examples are below.. ## Latest Stable Release `https://github.com/netuoso/ledger-app-hive/releases/tag/v1.0.0` ## Building the Development Version - Clone this repository - `git clone https://github.com/netuoso/ledger-app-hive` - Install Docker if not already installed - `./run.sh install_docker` - Pull the latest ledger-app-hive docker image - `./run.sh update` - Start the Docker container - `./run.sh start` - Build the ledger-app-hive application - `./run.sh build VERSION` # replace VERSION with `1.4`,`1.5`,`1.6` based on your Ledger Nano S firmware ## Loading the Development App on a Ledger Nano S - *you must use Python 3.7 for loading* - Connect the Ledger Nano S to your computer - Install the Ledger python module - `pip install ledgerblue` - Load the application onto the Ledger Nano S - `./run.sh load VERSION` # replace VERSION with `1.4`,`1.5`,`1.6` based on your Ledger Nano S firmware ## Testing the Application - Navigate to the test directory - `cd test` - Run the `getPublicKey.py` script **python3 required** - `python getPublicKey.py` - Run the `signTransaction.py` script **python2.7 required** - `python signTransaction.py` ## Example Testing Output - getPublicKey: ![](https://imgur.com/ptKjcek.gif) ``` Public key compressed 03d3ead6a886a5896dd05f546704761228c14d6b8d306fa7b0945f75df678b6193 Calculated from public key: Address STM8SZg3gBcuAEkz9xGKVMnwJHWESHcXFYWDbRcSBCz322dH6jPwy Received from ledger: Address STM8SZg3gBcuAEkz9xGKVMnwJHWESHcXFYWDbRcSBCz322dH6jPwy ``` - signTransaction: ![](https://imgur.com/48o5qhz.gif) ``` HID => d40400007205800000308000000d8000000080000000800000000420000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004021b88040485342c6304048164b85e040101042302086e65747479626f74076e6574756f736f010000000000000003535445454d000000040100 HID <= 1f636611993e469a3ad201fbe40df36e8c2be55378a3ca338654f3844d80ce2d6d32a27448c4e5d5e63707f1b9164b42e8cf29f052ae72bd12609182c9d8c88c389000 1f636611993e469a3ad201fbe40df36e8c2be55378a3ca338654f3844d80ce2d6d32a27448c4e5d5e63707f1b9164b42e8cf29f052ae72bd12609182c9d8c88c38 ``` ## Technical Application Spec - [ledger-app-hive Technical Documentation](https://github.com/netuoso/ledger-app-hive/blob/master/doc/hiveapp.asc) ## Contributing If you are interested in contributing the to ledger-app-hive repository, you will need a Github account. Ensure that you have compiled the application, have it installed on your Ledger Nano S/X, and/or throughly read this README and visited the relevant links before filing an issue. ## Bug Reports If you encounter an issue while using the ledger-app-hive application on a Ledger Nano S/X Device, visit the [issues pages](https://github.com/netuoso/ledger-app-hive/issues) and leave a detailed issue with all necessary information to assist with debugging. --- ## Notes - This application is in its initial release (v1.0.0) - There may be bugs that I have not encountered - If the Ledger Nano Device ever locks up, just unplug and restart it - If you encounter bugs/issues file them on the Github repository - Try and break the application and report bugs for the benefit of everyone - Contact @netuoso on Hive, on the [HiveDevs Discord](https://discord.gg/cvnByhu), or on Twitter ([@netuoso](https://twitter.com/netuoso)) - Thanks to @thepeakstudio and @doze for their contribution of the Hive + Ledger image assets used on this page --- ## Vote @netuoso For Hive Witness - https://peakd.com/me/witnesses - https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses --- ## Links - https://github.com/netuoso/ledger-app-hive - https://www.ledger.com/ - https://twitter.com/netuoso ![image credit @doze](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/netuoso/HzlFn4gX-image.png)

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