## Repository https://github.com/holgern/beem
[beem](https://github.com/holgern/beem) is a python library for STEEM and HIVE. The current version is 0.22.14. There is also a discord channel for beem: https://discord.gg/4HM592V The newest beem version can be installed by: ``` pip install -U beem ``` Check that you are using hive nodes. The following command ``` beempy updatenodes --hive ``` updates the nodelist and uses only hive nodes. After setting hive as default_chain, `beempy updatenodes` can be used without switching to steem. The list of nodes can be checked with ``` beempy config ``` and ``` beempy currentnode ``` shows the currently connected node. ## Upcoming changes The next release will be 0.23.0 and the hive blockchain will then be set as new default. I will also rework the countless steem_instance parameters and replace them with a more fitting name. I will also create a new Hive class which is the new Steem() conterpart. ## Changelog for versions 0.22.14 * add click_shell to turn beempy into a shell utility with autocompletion * new click_shell added as requirements * Installer added for beempy on windows * Add get_hive_nodes and get_steem_nodes functions to NodeList * beempy command resteem renamed to reblog * When using in shell mode, beempy walletinfo --unlock can be used to unlock the wallet and walletinfo --lock to unlock it again * Add get_blockchain_name to Steem, returns either steem or hive * Add switch_blockchain to Steem, can be used to switch between hive and steem * Storage has now a new config "default_chain", can be either hive or steem * updatenode --hive switches to hive and use hive nodes * updatenode --steem switches to steem and use steem nodes ## Upload images The url for imageupload has been fixed for hive: ``` beempy uploadimage -a holger80 .\beempy_screencast.gif ``` results now in: ``` ![](https://images.hive.blog/DQmX39y3dpZXUrvVxRGGmZsNxYmPEKmCDCE3XoUtbaFpodo/image) ``` ## Shell mode for beempy beempy has now a shell mode, which is activated when started without any parameter: ``` beempy ``` You an see it here in action: ![](https://images.hive.blog/DQmX39y3dpZXUrvVxRGGmZsNxYmPEKmCDCE3XoUtbaFpodo/image) ## Windows installer for beempy A windows installer is now automatically pushed to the release section: https://github.com/holgern/beem/releases/tag/0.22.14 ![image.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/holger80/njJoUl4k-image.png) After downloading and installing BeempySetup, a new icon is shown in the start menu: ![image.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/holger80/cJq9SSyz-image.png) When clicking on it, a new terminal with beempy in shell mode is started. ## Wallet unlocking in shell mode When in shell mode, the wallet can be unlocked with ``` walletinfo --unlock ``` and locked again with ``` walletinfo --lock ``` Closing the program locks also the wallet. ## Nodelists for hive and steem The nodelist class has now two new functions: ``` from beem.nodelist import NodeList nodelist = NodeList() print(nodelist.get_hive_nodes()) print(nodelist.get_steem_nodes()) ``` This helps, to be sure to use always the correct node. ## `default_chain` as new config parameter The currently used chain is stored in `default_chain`. It can be set either to steem or to hive. ``` beempy config ``` returns now: ``` +-----------------+---------------------------------------------+ | Key | Value | +-----------------+---------------------------------------------+ | default_account | holger80 | | default_chain | hive | | nodes | [ | | | "https://anyx.io", | | | "http://anyx.io", | | | "https://api.hivekings.com", | | | "https://api.hive.blog", | | | "https://api.openhive.network", | | | "https://techcoderx.com", | | | "https://rpc.esteem.app", | | | "https://hived.privex.io" | | | ] | | data_dir | ...\beem\beem | +-----------------+---------------------------------------------+ ``` ``` beempy updatenodes ``` will now return only hive nodes, as default_chain is set to hive. `default_chain` can be either `hive` or `steem`. ## Switching between Hive and Steem in python The steem object has now a `switch_blockchain` function which switches between booth blockchains. ``` from beem import Steem stm = Steem() stm.switch_blockchain("steem") print(stm) stm.switch_blockchain("hive") print(stm) ``` returns ``` <Steem node=https://steemd.minnowsupportproject.org, nobroadcast=False> <Steem node=https://anyx.io, nobroadcast=False> ``` ## Switching between steem and hive with beempy ``` beempy updatenodes --steem ``` switches to the steem blockchain and ``` beempy updatenodes --hive ``` will switch to the hive blockchain. *** *If you like what I do, consider casting a vote for me as witness on [Hivesigner](https://hivesigner.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=holger80&approve=1) or on [PeakD](https://peakd.com/witnesses)*.

See: Update for beem: beempy installer for windows and beempy as shell by @holger80