![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/inji-media/63402a8d-eeeb-4fc5-b6f5-a445ea208984) --- If you're looking for a simple, fast & secure way to create Hive accounts, then make sure you check out this brand new service by inji: https://inji.com/create-hive-account The interface provides you with the option to either claim account tokens and create Hive accounts with them (requires enough Hivepower => Resource Credits). Or, you can create Hive accounts instantly for a small payment of $2.99 via PayPal. (Crypto payments will be added) Posted via [inji.com](https://inji.com/hive/@therealwolf/p-19g65wkvqdkbqh39a927ce0d942e4c)

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